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Professional Practice

Dark Matter University Principles

We cannot survive and thrive without immediate change toward an anti-racist model of design education and practice.

Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need by By Sasha Costanza-Chock

An exploration of how design might be led by marginalized communities, dismantle structural inequality, and advance collective liberation and ecological survival.

Design Justice for Black Lives

The fight against racism and police brutality demands we leverage our professional connections and privileges in the name of advancing justice. We need to make sure that professional organizations, leading firms & offices, and local professional organizers hear our demands and use their power to establish policy that advances justice within our fields.

Unlearning Whiteness

A Statement from the Black Faculty of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Critical Design Lab

"is a multi-disciplinary arts and design collaborative centered in disability culture and crip technoscience. Our work pivots around the concept of access: access is our ethic, our creative content, and our methodology. We use digital media and social practice to craft replicable protocols that treat accessibility as research-creation, an aesthetic world-building practice, and an invitation to assemble community."

WAI Architecture Think Tank

"Un-making Architecture: An Anti-racist Architecture Manifesto"

Design as Protest

The protests you see across America are a response to a prolonged dehumanization of a people unwilling to be participants in their own demise.

BlackSpace Manifesto

We demand a present and future where Black people, Black spaces, and Black culture matter and thrive.Our collective brings together planners, architects, artists, and designers as Black urbanists, people who are passionate about the work of public systems and urban infrastructures.

Design Justice Network

The Design Justice Network is an international community of people and organizations who are committed to rethinking design processes so that they center people who are too often marginalized by design.

Design for the Just City

The Just City Lab investigates the definition of urban justice and the just city and examines how design and planning contribute to conditions of justice and injustice in cities, neighborhoods and the public realm.

Center for Urban Pedagogy

While the effects of public policies can be widespread, the discussion and understanding of these policies are usually not. CUP’s Making Policy Public (MPP) poster series aims to make information on policy truly public: accessible, meaningful, and shared.

Urban Ocean Lab

Urban Ocean Lab cultivates rigorous, creative, equitable, and practical climate and ocean policy, for the future of coastal cities.

Design for a Just City Index

A masterclass with Toni L. Griffin and the Just City Lab at the HarvardGraduate School of Design. This booklet explores the Just City Index, avalue-based planning methodology for urban development in the cityof Rotterdam. Features case studies from Feyenoord City, Hart van Zuid,Cool-Zuid and Crooswijk.

Article: Spatial Justice
by Design Studio 4 Social Intervention

Spatial justice, most simply, is the intersection of space and social justice.

Changing the Narrative

Changing The Narrative is a network of reporters, researchers, academics, and advocates concerned about the way  media represents drug use and addiction. Our mission is to help journalists and opinion leaders provide accurate, humane, and scientifically-grounded information in this contested terrain. We offer expert sources —including people with lived experience of the issues — and up-to-date, fact-checked, and evidence-based information on news and controversies.